Information and documents are inescapable outcomes of running any form of organization. Organizations today deploy huge amount of resources for proper maintenance of these documents. People resources that can be put to more productive use and money that can be channelized for other activities are used for generating and maintaining of documents and files. Innovative Document Management System can streamline your paperwork and communications, saving you much manpower and money.

Organizations also dedicate much space for storing documents and files. Document storing not only takes up a good chunk of space that can be used for more productive purposes, but also creates clutter. A cluttered work environment can cause dissatisfaction and de-motivation among employees.

Our DMS works with your current business applications to easily import and export documents electronically as needed. Serving a large number of clients from different sectors, our Document Management Software is one of the most sought after DMS Solutions in the market. Integrating with your back office systems, our DMS software ensures security and control of your information while streamlining your business process.

What you can expect from our DMS

  • Order and security of documents.
  • ISO 9001:2000 Document Management System (I-DMS).
  • Huge cost savings.
  • Faster and more efficient automated approval processing ensures that no stakeholder misses any document or information.
  • Safe storage of all your documents in digital form making it ‘disaster proof’. This also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and procedures.
  • Efficient archiving of your huge collection of documents.
  • Make sure you are heard. Communicate with people the way they prefer – send customized email, fax, PDF or hard copy.
  • Digitized mail function automates the distribution of mail. Paper documents and forms you receive as posts can now be captured and the key index data extracted.
  • Secure storing of emails and instant access to any email from the huge volume stored.
  • Intelligent OCR technology and Data Extraction process converts static content from scanned images to live content, making it easily searchable.
  • Speedy invoice processing with efficient Proof Of Delivery (POD) tracking.
  • Timely processing of sales orders helping in valuable customer retention.
  • Automated capture of data from documents to eliminate manual data entry errors.
  • Share information quickly through extranets and intranets.
  • Remote access through the internet.
  • Easily customizable based on your needs.
  • Great value for your money.
  • No more wasting papers. Go Green. Show that you are socially responsible.

Save money, time and space with our easy to use Document Management System.

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