Good advertising is essential for the growth of any business. Placing ads in newspapers, magazines, printing pamphlets, erecting sign boards, all these are the tried and tested methods of advertising which often comes at a huge price.

Our digital signage software solutions are your right choice to reach the masses at very affordable prices. Easy to install and operate, our digital signage software solutions make sure that your ad is imprinted in the minds of your audience. Educuate your target audience regarding your products and services as you entertain them with your creative ads. You don’t need to be a tech savvy to operate these user-friendly products. Your ads can now be easily updated and maintained.

Digital Signage



indoor digital signage

Indoor Digital Signage


outdoor digital signage

Outdoor Digital Signage. LED Wall, Digital Wall.

Digital signage systems, LED wall, digital wall are successfully replacing the traditional display methods. Unlike the digital signage solutions provided by our competitors requiring high maintenance on video players and monitors, our digital signage solution is built on smart applications, which allow the display of contents to be controlled remotely. Our digital signage application is SMIL programmable and gives excellent quality high definition videos.


  • Schedule the presentations based on your convenience.
  • Users can change the content – texts, images and videos – or even create entirely new content based on their requirements.
  • Use our pre-prepared templates to easily create your content.
  • Categorized displays can be used for displaying different contents at the same time.
  • RSS feeds can be fed in to the system.
  • With web based administration, manage your content from anywhere at anytime.
  • Save power by pre-scheduling the power on/off time.
  • Display text/messages on the digital notice board via SMS.
  • Use it as a meeting/function room booking system. Display the availability of rooms on the screen.

Digital Signage for Retails

Our digital signage software developed exclusively for retail outlets is sure to attract more customers into your shop.

Our retail clients experience the following advantages:

  • Large number of customers walking into the store.
  • Attractive display system that successfully communicate with the audience.
  • More people noticing the advertisements.
  • Easy to make changes and hence, keep the ads updated as per the changing market trends.
  • Display system that stands out from others.
  • Huge savings on advertising costs.

Digital Signage for Hotels

A dish that looks appealing has more buyers than a tastier one with inferior looks. Yes! People eat with their eyes first. So what could attract more customers to your hotel than an attractive display of mouthwatering dishes!

With our Digital Signage Software Solutions for hotels, you can expect:

  • Stylish ads that no one can resist.
  • More customers eager to try your food.
  • Attractive displays which are hard to forget.
  • Huge saving on advertising costs.
  • Increases revenue.


The features of the media appliances we provide include:

Appliance Video Codecs supported Dynamic content Video Output Networking Built-in storage Live A/V-in
XMP 120 SD Player MPEG-4 ASP @ 480p SMIL HDMI/VGA up to 720p. Composite NTSC/PAL Ethernet 2GB solid-state storage (2hrs of 480p video)
XMP 130 Wireless SD Player Ethernet. Wireless (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
XMP 3250 Full-HD Web Appliance H.264, MPEG-2, VC-1 up to 1080p HTML5 (HTML, JavaScript, CSS), SMIL HDMI/VGA up to 1080p. Composite NTSC/PAL Ethernet 4GB solid-state storage (2hrs of 1080p video) RTSP Multi-cast streaming
XMP 3350 Wireless Full-HD Web Appliance Ethernet. Wireless (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) RTSP Multi-cast streaming. Composite NTSC/PAL
XMP 3450 Live Full-HD Web Appliance

Network Digital Signage Solutions

Our Network Digital Signage Software Solutions comprises of powerful remote management, scalable products that can be pooled together to form multi-purpose combinations to suit different requirements.


  • The appliance-based products integrating hardware and software – run commercials through out the day.
  • Web-based user interface – control all players and servers remotely.
  • Variety of display choices – LED, LCD/Plasma Screens (Portrait and landscape), Projectors, TV walls etc.
  • Multi-functional players supporting multimedia playback
    • Video, image, text, flash and HTML
    • HD and Streaming videos as well as RSS live feed
  • Easy integration with other devices like external databases, touch screen, keypad etc.
  • Remote control for volume and display system.

Network Digital Signage Products

SMP Pro Series

These Zone-type Digital Signage Media Players are ideal for applications that need videos, graphics, tickers and clocks. The media players under this series include:

  • SMP-PRO4
  • SMP-PROPLUS (LB-500)
  • SMP-PROPLUS (LB-300)


SMP WEB Series

These are web based Digital Signage Media Players designed for presenting multimedia contents using HTML, JPEG, JavaScript, Flash etc. This series includes:

  • SMP-WEB4
  • SMP-WEBPLUS (LB-500)
  • SMP-WEBPLUS (LB-300)


CMS Series

Our Content Management Server Series provides efficient media player management. Allowing easy content updating, these series also provide central scheduling, streaming video broadcast and access control.



Advanced Management Software

We offer our clients’ two windows based advanced management software:

  • Super Reporter – for generating billing reports as well as Playback and System Status reports.
  • Super Monitor – to easily monitor and manage all SMP Players that are connected.


Application Software

xPost, our application software can be tailored to fit different applications. The modules included at present include lobbyPost, meetingPost and wayfinderPost. xPost can be integrated with SMB-WEB Series media players, making frequent maintenance easy.

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