Our Service Management software is one of the best available in the market. Whatever your business or need, we have a configuration to fit your specifications. We serve clients from various industries like Retail, Education, Government, Health & Housing etc. Our expert team will handle the infrastructure, hardware and software maintenance leaving you with more time to dedicate to your business.

Some features of our Service Management software our clients find interesting:

  • Email Management – read emails into support desk, automated acknowledgements, instant notification of updates to staff and customers.
  • Financial and Contractual Management – define cost of required components, report on overall service expenses.
  • KPI Monitor – for instant professional management reports.
  • LDAP Integration – integrates support desk with NDS or Active Directory, automatic updating of details.
  • Synchronization with Outlook – synchronize calls, activities etc.
  • Planned Preventive Maintenance – automate maintenance tasks and monitor agreements (operational and service level)
  • ITIL Configuration – configure system folders autonomously.
  • PC Audit – Retrieve information from PCs and provide remote support.
  • CRM Module – track sales opportunities, coordinate marketing campaigns.
  • Self Service Module – allow customers to access their own calls, access support desk through web.
  • Software License Manager – discovers and maintains software licenses.
  • Mobile Support Desk – access support desk from different mobile devices.

Our Service Management Software

IT Service Management Software

Easily configured for ITIL V2 and V3, this is web-based software with browser interface.

What is in it?
  • Configuration Management Database where users are automatically loaded from the active directory.
  • Auditing tool collects data from PCs and other devices managed using Simple Network Management Protocol.
  • Service Catalogue that provides updates on distributed IT Services.
  • Built-in Knowledge base with known errors to speed up helpdesk support.
  • KPI monitor to prevent breach of operational and service level agreements.
  • Reporting tool.

Customer Service and Support Software

This software comes with windows as well as web interface. The web interface makes an easy platform for customers to login, update and cross-examine their own calls.

What is in it?
  • Mail Merge feature
  • Assign Service Level Agreements to Products, Customers, Inventory etc
  • Generate quality helpdesk reports for better customer service
  • Provide customers with access to well monitored, specially screened areas of your Knowledge Base to encourage self-diagnosis

Facilities Management Software

The Facilities Management Software can be effortlessly integrated with other handheld devices and PDAs. It is of great assistance when it comes to managing work orders, planning for preventive maintenance, resolving helpdesk tickets etc.

What is in it?
  • Integrated and searchable Knowledge Base.
  • Workflow paths that can be designed and customized by the user.
  • Service Level Management that automatically emails all related parties regarding resolution of work orders.
  • Asset database.

‘Freedom of Information’ Management Software

The ideal software for managing all your Freedom of Information requests, it automatically records all te information sent.

What is in it?
  • Templates suggested by MOJ available built-in.
  • Configure helpdesk workflow for minimizing delays in the progress of FOI requests through standard processes.
  • Automatic email warnings when FOI act approaches deadline.
  • Detailed reports.

Service Desk Software for Managed Service Providers

With the Self-Service portal, customers can login and track their service requests all by themselves.

What is in it?
  • Asset Management Database
  • Personalized Service Catalogues for customers to view updates regarding their services and requests.
  • Feedback form to understand your customers better.
  • Proper management of Service Level Agreements.
  • Contract Management to track third party performance.

Human Resource Management Software

This user friendly software is easy to configure. Create your own fields, screens and workflows to ensure smooth flow of information to all personnel.

What is in it?
  • Automated email notifications.
  • Minimum administrative effort in guiding sensitive issues in the organization without breaching any rules or regulations.
  • Automatic route submissions to relevant departments.
  • Generate online forms for holiday requests, casual leave, sick leave etc.
  • Quality reports for further analysis.

Complaints Management Software

The Complaints Management Software can be easily customized to fit any kind of organization.

What is in it?
  • Automatic notifications on Service Level Agreements.
  • Create complaint records for moderating the resolution process.
  • Generate detailed reports on average resolution times, performance etc.
  • Notify staff regarding complaints that might stay unresolved beyond deadlines.
  • Date/Author stamp input from customers, staff etc for future reference.

Revolutionize your organization’s performance by implementing any or a mix of our Service Management Software creating a multifunctional service desk. If you are looking for something new, do share your ideas to create the perfect fit for your organization.

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