Enterprise Resource Planning software provides management information throughout the entire organization and ties finance and accounting, and sales and services together. The integrated software system offers automation of all activities.

ERP systems are used to facilitate information flow between all business functions inside the company and manage the connections to the outside world and company shareholders. The ERP systems will run on a variety of hardware and network configurations with a common database to store all information.

We offer accounting systems with the ability to streamline your business operations. The software is capable of performing every kind of accounting transaction from the basically simple to the incredibly complicated. This will allow any business to make the best financial decisions. The software is easy to use, meaning it does not require advanced degrees in accounting or computer science to master the program.

The hallmark of the software is the well organized menus that are easy to follow, understand and access. There are several ways to enter document information and the software performs updates as information is posted. This assures all reports are up to date at any given time. The number of reporting systems available within the software will cover almost any type of report necessary with the built in report manager. This makes it easy to generate financial and inventory analysis and inventory reports all from the same source.

For the retail crowd, point of sale information is vital when reporting sales from several different locations. A reliable ERP system will include multiple input options to accommodate the retail consumer market. Receipt printing has to be accurate and failsafe along with low cost and high quality. Multiple billing and payment options will provide versatility to any retail operation. Accurate and instant data updating will keep the bottom line in site at all time, allowing for the financial specialists to make the necessary amendments at any time.

Payroll is another component in enterprise resource planning that will look after the bottom line. The payroll system is easy to use, keeps historic payroll data accurately and has a built in report generator. The program has the ability to be exported to an MS Excel spreadsheet, uses electronic submission of time data and tracks income tax and salary.

For the busy business person on the go, there is the Mobile Accounting software. This allows the user to access the information from anywhere. The accounting system delivers real time data and finance related information. The system allows the user to manage all their accounts, sales orders, quotes, invoice data and delivery schedules for orders. Retrieve historical information in minutes and analyze older orders and look up customer detail. The ERP systems include sales commission software to keep track of all commissions by salesperson, daily, weekly and hourly.