Data backup and storage are very important for any type of business. But unfortunately, the backup system is a topic rarely discussed by most businesses. Be it a large organization, a SME or even a home office. Loss of important data can prove to be disastrous. Equally important is limiting access to the stored data. We understand the importance of proper data security in organizations. Our Network Access Servers acts as the ideal gateways guarding access to your protected resource.

Enterprise to SMB level solutions that you can count on

Disk Station Manager for Business offers complete support for Windows ADS and LDAP.

Storage and iSCSI

  • With Storage Manager, monitor storage space and manage volumes on DiskStation.
  • Create multiple volumes of different sizes on the same RAID as per the need so that 100% utilization of space is possible.
  • Expand the storage space as and when needed without changing RAID setup or volume groups.
  • The very reliable S.M.A.R.T. testing helps in identification of potential hard disk failures.

File Sharing

  • Supports Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
  • The File Station app helps you manage files on DiskStation through web browsers. It also provides support for Google Docs, Windows ACL, VLC player etc.
  • Move or copy any type of film from your PC to File Station by simple ‘Drag and Drop’.
  • Built-in Search Engine with flexible search options – file type, location, size, last modified date, owner etc.
  • Easily manage user and group access rights on shared folders. Fine-grained, file-based privilege settings can also be defined with Windows ACL.

Data Backup

  • Backup and restore more than just data. Our solution helps you backup your System Configurations in Control Panel which includes user groups, file sharing, settings on home folder etc.
  • Schedule automatic backups for every system – wide settings change you make.
  • Customize the System Restoration – restore all system configurations or just a part of it without changing the other settings.

Business Applications

  • Full-fledged Antivirus application with features like live updates, schedule scan, event log and quarantine zone finds viruses which are hidden even in multiple layers of zipped files. Do a server-wide checking using full scan, selective checking using custom scan or use system scan option to scan system partitions.
  • Viruses identified are automatically moved to the quarantine zone. Any file that is sent to this zone by mistake can be white listed and restored. Live updated feature keeps you updated on the latest viruses.

Advanced Account and Privileges

  • Complete LDAP directory service support to help businesses to host their own LDAP server or join their DiskStation as a client to another LDAP domain.
  • Easily set privileges for domain users and groups to DiskStation resources.

Network Configuration

  • Supports all types of connections and web essentials. Connect via PPPoE through the broadband modem, via a router or a wireless dongle. You can also register a domain name of your DiskStation in the Cloud enabling you to connect to your DiskStation with the URL of your choice.
  • Say no to the bandwidth limitations and lack of resilience problems with Ethernet connections. Our Dynamic Link Aggregation helps you connect two Ethernet links via channel bonding giving you twice the normal speed.

Server Management

  • Automatically check and download DSM updates via the internet.
  • With our network solutions in place, accidents rarely occur. But we still prepare for the worst. Insert your hard disk in an identical DiskStation and run the initial setup process to retrieve all the data and server settings.
  • Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) helps identification of probable disk failures so that precautionary measures can be taken.
  • Monitor the resource usage like usage of CPU, memory, volume and network flow using the Resource Monitor – for a graphical display – or with your existing network management software via SNMP protocol support.
  • Use the Connection Manager to prevent unauthorized access to your network. Closely monitor every connection from DSM, FTP, SMB and AFP.
  • Get details on system status, connections, FTP transfers etc as every user activity is recorded in to a log which can be deleted or saved for future use.
  • Linux users can enable the Built-in Telnet/SSH service to remotely login to DiskStation.
  • Share a single UPS among multiple DiskStations to prevent loss of data due to unanticipated power failures.

Mobile Support

  • DS finder runs on iPad/iPhone/iPod touch and Android devices.
  • DS finder helps you locate faulty DiskStations from a large number of DiskStations within no time. It also supports monitoring of DiskStations using mobile devices.
  • With the DiskStation supporting Wake on Lan (WOL), the DS finder can turn your DiskStations on or off when you prefer.
  • Obtain Push notifications on your iOS devices whenever events related to internal storage, backup, external storage, power etc occur.

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