Never ending deadlines, client meetings, business commitments etc compels more and more people to rely on the Internet for various activities. Online shopping, online gaming, online bill payments, online education and online counseling, people are dependent on the Internet irrespective of their age, location etc. But how safe is the Internet? How can one ensure that the data they enter in various sites or the mails they send with important data or their credit card details etc are not used by someone else for illegal purpose?

Security Authentication System can ensure you complete security of your data online. Described below are a few of our services:

Our products to ensure secure financial transactions

Online Retail Banking Security Authentication System

Banks when insisting on the use of online transaction facility by customers in their attempt to streamline their process and reduce administrative costs also has the responsibility to ensure the security of the customer’s accounts. We provide a variety of authentication solutions to the retail banking market:

  • Mobile authentication
  • SMS authentication
  • Smart Cards
  • Software-only authentication
  • One-button hardware authenticators

Our customers from retail banking enjoy the following benefits:

  • Boundless scalability – add more users without restructuring the back-end infrastructure
  • Customizable and user-friendly
  • Decreased costs
  • Customer satisfaction and branding
  • Easy integration into the existing architecture

Online Corporate Banking Security Authentication System

Organizations often depend on static passwords when conducting financial transactions online. Our Security Authentication System improved over the years secures high-risk areas like:

  • Wire transfers and ACH transactions
  • Proprietary and Mobile applications
  • Cash management
  • Forex etc

The corporate banking authentication solutions provided by us include:

  • Challenge and Response
  • One-time passwords
  • Host authentication
  • Electronic signatures and transaction validation

Our customers from retail banking enjoy the following benefits:

  • Customizable and stable API based authentication platform.
  • Disaster recovery
  • Boundless scalability – add more users without restructuring the back-end infrastructure
  • Decreased costs
  • Supports software authentication, mobile authentication, SMS delivery, smart cards and USB authenticators
  • Easy integration into the existing architecture

Mobile Banking Security Authentication System

Most established banks provide their customers with mobile banking facility. It is now one of the basic and essential features that customers expect from their banks. Our Mobile Banking Security Authentication System ensures mobile banking security in three ways:

  • Generating one-time passwords and e-signatures through the mobile banking application provided by the bank.
  • One-time passwords generated by stand-alone application on the mobile device.
  • One-time passwords sent as SMS to user’s mobile

Our customers can benefit from low costs, high security, high end-user acceptance and other features like automated provisioning and fully customizable user interface.

Mobile Payment Security Authentication System

Apart from cash, cheque and credit/debit cards, customers now have the freedom to make payments using their mobile phones. More people opt for mobile payments thanks to the convenience and speed it offers. A variety of ecommerce sites and online shops accept mobile payments.

Our Mobile Payment Security Authentication System utilizes both PIN and one-time password verification to ensure security of mobile transactions. This two-factor authentication method eliminates fraud.

CAP Security Authentication System

Our Chip Authentication Program is built over the existing EMV technology and infrastructure. Our CAP Security Authentication System secures ecommerce and other transactions by deploying three mechanisms:

  • Event-base one-time passwords
  • Challenge/response schemes
  • Transaction data signing

Other Areas We Focus On

Our expert team has developed for customers a variety of Application Security Authentication Systems to ensure security of their valuable data in online applications. Our solutions include active as well as passive authentications delivered through hardware, software and mobile devices. Our present focus includes:

  • Healthcare Organizations – to secure patient related and other sensitive data
  • Government Organizations – focus on online tax declaration applications, web applications for public services like driving licence renewal, police reports etc, security of confidential government data etc
  • Payroll applications
  • Software as a Service business models
  • Security of applications stored in the CLOUD
  • Authentication against phishing – by User Authentication, Host Authentication and Transaction Authentication
  • License protection
  • Ecommerce and EGaming
  • eIDs for companies, educational institutions etc