Supply chain management (SCM) is a system for businesses in the provision of products and packages required by the end customer in a supply chain. The SCM spans all storage and movement of raw materials, finished product from first point of beginning to the end point of consumption and work in progress inventory.

Supply chain management includes the design, planning and execution process with the final goal being the creation of the supply line activities leveraging worldwide delivery and coordinating supply and demand locally, regionally or globally.

Our supply chain management software allows the user to manage up and down stream costs of materials used, final goods, manufactured and goods sold among the appropriate suppliers, resellers and consumers. The software allows systematic and coordination of traditional and nontraditional functions of business and the tactics employed within a company in the system. This supply chain management philosophy puts in place methods to improve performance long term of the different companies involved in the supply chain.

The supply chain strategies need an all encompassing overview of the companies involved in a chain to work efficiently and create customer satisfaction at the final point of delivery. The SCM software provides an in depth of cost to product ration to help eliminate unnecessary costs. This will allow the user to focus attention on added value strategy for efficient and equitable distribution to products and materials in the supply line.

In the global supply chain, proper chain management integrates key business processes all along the supply chain to create adding value for all involved, customers and stockholders alike. SCM takes in the planning and management of all necessary activities included in source procurement, conversion of customers and logistics management.

SCM software allows the user to establish a supply line and include all the components, including production material, suppliers, inventory and the end product all in one place. Reports can be generated by the day, week, month or year with an odd on ability that allows reports to be generated for any time frame or for certain 24 hour periods.

Creating a distribution strategy is made easier with the software ability to define a delivery scheme for suppliers, facilities for production purposes, distribution warehouses and centers and eventually, the customers. The success for a distribution strategy is to coordinate the transportation, shipping, direct store delivery and include the exact mode of transportation between the manufacture, customers, point of sale centers and inventory storage.

The right SCM software allows a cross type functional approach to manage the raw materials into an organized internal processing system. This will includes the finished products and moving all finished products to their destination and eventually into the hands of the consumer. What this all means to the user is the reduction of raw goods ownership, the resources that provides the raw goods and the optimization of the distribution centers.