The impact of technological advancements and Internet is clearly visible in almost all industries. Though a little late, the educational industry is also benefiting enormously from technology. Learning as well as teaching can now be made more effective and fun. With our customizable Learning Management System (LMS), institutions can create computer assisted learning environments.

Teachers can take due advantage of high quality audio, video and multimedia resources to make the sessions more interesting. The master Graphic User Interface shows the teacher student alignment in the classroom. Control function buttons can be used for instructional purposes and control of multimedia resources.

Why choose our Learning Management System (LMS)?

  • Suits any PC lab, classroom or library. The full functional user-friendly laboratory control program can be easily utilized by teachers to improve the quality of their teaching.
  • Teachers can have effective control over student’s activities. All student screens can be closely monitored.
  • Restrictions can be placed by the teacher to limit the websites students can access.
  • Student computers can be locked or blacked out selectively as a part of disciplinary actions.
  • Teacher can control all aspects of the classroom including student’s PCs.
  • Students can access the course materials from anywhere at anytime.
  • Teachers can assign tasks, assignments and homework; students can submit the same online.
  • Adding grades and comments can be done online.
  • Discussion boards dedicated to group discussions on topics related to the lesson.
  • Online chat and real time communication facility for students from anywhere.
  • Teachers can create questions – essays, multiple-choice etc – for students. The automatically calculated results can be viewed by both the teacher and the student.
  • Students can create their learning portfolios, also called e-portfolios, including study materials, notes, presentations etc. These can further be evaluated by teachers or any other third party.
  • Teachers can create their teaching portfolio with lecture notes, presentations, reference notes etc.
  • Centrally manage all course and lesson files.
  • Students can have easy access to lecture notes and other learning content related to their lessons.
  • Encourage group discussion and student collaboration by encouraging students to do group assignments, share screens and work together.
  • Teachers can now talk to the whole class without straining themselves.
  • Easy attendance management.
  • Better understanding of student’s needs skills and abilities.
  • Save more time that would otherwise be wasted in controlling the class, writing on the board etc.
  • See the difference – improved grades for students and satisfied faculty.

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